Just a short post today because I am busy. Not too busy to write this post I should add – I have stayed on at work for 15 minutes peace. I’ve been teaching 20-somethings all day, repeating a tutorial on design using the rule of thirds and the pen tool to create a trend page in Photoshop so it is a welcome break to write

When I get home I will be busy again – busy asking little people to stop calling my name and asking so many questions. My brain is busy. My diary is busy. My inbox is busy. My children are busy being demanding and my washing pile is busy being full. My life is just busy.

Something my husband said rang true though, he told me to stop being a martyr. He actually said it in jest because he could see how busy I was and how hard I was working. But today I think I will stop being a martyr. I don’t have to do everything ‘now’.

I have realised I do have the power to say no. I don’t have to be that yes man today. I’m going to take back control and live in the moment (and the mess) until they go to bed. I’ve been multi-tasking too much this week and enough is enough. When I get home I will play with my children, eat my dinner, watch some telly and veg out. because today’s busy can wait.

Meet The Martyr:

My feet actually ached yesterday, like they used to when I worked as a Bar Managager, on my feet until past midnight. I hadn’t been standing all day, but I had been busy all day. First it was the housework before school, then the school run, dog walk and nursery run. Then off to university to teach 6 hours solid before heading home for pick ups, fish and chips (lazy), dog walk and housework. Husband on bath duty while I dashed around and changed all 3 beds before whacking some washing in, loading the dishawasher and putting clean washing away. Then it was bedtime. 3 stories later and I had snoring bubs – for one hour when 5yr old realised I had left his side and it was back to the drawing board. I moved from one task to the next relentlessly yesterday and I realised it was 9.45pm before I actually sat down – to get my laptop out and answer some emails. 11.30pm came and and I gave in and went to bed for a night of wake ups and screaming child. And then Groundhog Day.

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