Let us be your Rose Tinted Spectacles giving you the wisdom to move forward in reality

My husband despairs of my rose-tinted spectacles and eternal optimism and sometimes I do too. And then, when times are tough and life is getting on top of me, I remember my little rose-tinted specs, whack them on and everything seems easier.

They don’t mask reality or conceal the truth, they simply enable me to get back on track by looking at things more positively. They give me a moment to appreciate the here and the now and smile about things that were getting me down. The smiles release endorphins and allow me to take the specs off and return to reality with a more positive outlook and solutions to my troubles.

With this in mind, I have launched this blog, The Rose Tinted Collective, which runs alongside my private Facebook group – a space where busy, like-minded people with chaotic lives can gather and share positive vibes.

The blog serves as a journal of sorts, where you’ll learn more about my life and how I handle situations, be them over-whelming or totally perfect. My Facebook group is a space where we can all get involved and share our collective wisdom. Please come and join me on my journey of accountability, productivity and positivity.

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